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Fast, Reliable & Customized Development Finance solutions. All Development Loans in one place.
• Comprehensive development finance solutions for all types of development projects.
• Leading “whole of market” broker.
• Development loans available for experienced & inexperienced developers, landlords, homeowners, contractors.
• Decisions within 24 hour.
• Competitive interest rates.
• Customizable repayment plans.
• Development loans starting from as low as £100,000 with no upper cap.
• Thorough assistance with planning permission.
• Free quotes available – no obligations!


Development Finance to Make a Difference


Property development, when done right, can yield great profits. An experienced developer has an eye for spotting properties with enormous potential. However, many development projects stay on shelved for the want of funding. Much the reason why, the importance of going an extra mile to secure development finance that works for your project cannot be over-emphasized.

To get development finance, you don’t have to send out unsolicited development requests to high street lenders and banks. Cognis Capital Partners does the hard work for you – right from helping you draft your application to sending it to lenders who we know will be interested in lending to you.

It’s Time to Move on from Off-the-Shelf Development Loans: A large number of private lenders – even the big banks – prefer to work around a formula they have perfected over the years. These ready-to-go, off-the-shelf Development Finance products may look attractive, but they can’t really address the requirements of every project out there.

That’s where our Development Finance brokerage services outperform the market. We carry out extensive negotiations with the lender to make sure that the loan reflects your requirements as closely as possible. Flexible repayments, competitive interest rates and unprecedented levels of industry expertise from specialist lenders mean that development loans we broker are a lot more than timely funds.