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A mortgage on a commercial property works in much the same way as a residential mortgage on a house or flat. In most cases, you (or your firm) won’t be able to buy the commercial property outright with one of these loans. You will need to table a deposit or put up another property you own (and hold enough equity in) as security. The amount of mortgage you will need is offset against the deposit (or the value of the security property) you have put down, and you will pay off the loan in installments each month plus the accrued interest, if the mortgage was offered on a repayment basis. If the commercial business mortgage was offered on an interest only basis, you would only pay off the interest each month and settle the loan amount at the end of the term via a repayment vehicle, which the lender will want to see evidence of in advance.



A secured business loan allows businesses to access funds by providing an asset as security for the loan. This form of lending is also known as asset-backed lending. By using a commercial asset, such as property, equipment or land, as security against your loan, you could access a high value secured business loan from £5,000 to £2 million+. This security is essentially used to lower the risk for lenders, therefore interest rates and repayment terms tend to be very competitive. But in the event your business is unable to repay the loan, the asset will be sold to recover the funds.



A bridging loan is one of the most innovative financing tools available. At Cognis Capital Partners, getting a mortgage to drive your dream project – from a property purchase to asset hire – is hard enough as it is. If, for some reason, the mortgage amount fails to cover the entire expenses, your project can quickly be exposed to the risk of stagnancy.
A bridging loan however, can effortlessly help you steer clear of such risks. The idea is simple – borrow exactly what you need to bridge the capital gap, and repay on your own terms.



Our peer to peer development finance deals enable you to earn up to 10% p.a. Your investments are always secured by a legal charge against the land property. Our peer to peer lending model is unusual in a way that it offers you the ability to earn high returns whilst also benefitting from the security of a first legal charge. Investing with us is therefore lower risk than the usual methods of investing in property development where the bank always take priority and can step-in and sell the development. With our investments our investors are in effect, the bank with the same type of security and the right to be paid out first from sale proceeds.



At any point during the lifetime of a business, a large percentage of the market value of the business remains tied up in various assets. Discounting prime assets such as land and other properties, there exists a number of valuable assets that a business may own. These assets are essential for the daily operations of the business. However, the capital stuck within these assets is often more than the business can afford. In such cases, the business can choose to refinance such assets to free up the working capital.



Flexible, robust, and customized serviced apartment finance solutions for investors, developers and homeowners. UK-wide serviced accommodation, Airbnb and holiday let loans.



Unlike other HMO mortgage brokers who just push ready-made HMO financial packages onto their customers, we make sure that each and every multi-let mortgage broker we offer is structured around the exact project-specific requirements. With our HMO mortgage brokerage services, you’ll never be stuck with an HMO mortgage that isn’t suitable for you. Trusted by hundreds of HMO Developers and landlords just like yourself, our HMO Mortgage Broker service has consistently ranked amongst the top whole or market mortgage brokers in the UK.