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• Bridging Finance based entirely around your specific requirements.
• Market leading bridging interest rates from just 0.29% a month.
• High Approval rates for open & closed bridging finance applications.
• Bridging loans for purchasing, leasing & refinancing properties.
• Bridging finance for auction property purchases.
• Bridging loans to look after all business expenses.
• Diverse, UK-wide panel of specialist bridging lenders.
• 24-hour decisions, funds released within days.
• Get an instant, free, no-obligation quote.


We Make Bridging Finance Accessible!

A bridging loan is one of the most innovative financing tools available. At Cognis Capital Partners, getting a mortgage to drive your dream project – from a property purchase to asset hire – is hard enough as it is. If, for some reason, the mortgage amount fails to cover the entire expenses, your project can quickly be exposed to the risk of stagnancy.
A bridging loan however, can effortlessly help you steer clear of such risks. The idea is simple – borrow exactly what you need to bridge the capital gap, and repay on your own terms.


Off the Shelf Bridging Finance? Never Again!

The very idea of a bridging loan is to cater to project specific requirements. But if you approach a bank or a high street financier, you are more than likely to come out with an expensive, off-the-shelf deal that hundreds of businesses like yours are already regretting getting into. We wanted to make this a thing of the past – and we’re glad to say, we have! We source the very best deals across all of the UK's leading lenders who specialize in bridging loans. This means that every application is met with a customized bridging finance offer!


Peerless Track Record of Brokering Lowest Interest Rate Bridging Loans.

Bridging loans starting from £20,000.
Month-to-Month interest payment.
Lowest rates in market from just 0.29& a month for bridging loans.
 Roll up all fees & charges at the end of the loan term Before you agree to another bridging loan that require you to pay at an exorbitant interest rate, know that there are better options available.
With a peerless track record of brokering hundreds of bridging loans businesses like yours, Cognis Capital Partners has all the experience and expertise it takes to negotiates a bridging a financial deal that’s nothing but fair to you.



Time is money – quite literally!

A bridging loan delayed, is a bridging loan denied! Knowing this fully well, we make sure that the lender releases the funds for your bridging loan at the earliest.