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Popular choice amongst customers, re-mortgaging is, put simply, paying off an existing mortgage on a property by obtaining a new one. Re-mortgaging a property can improve buyer’s situations financially, either raising initial capital in a swift manner allowing one to consolidate shorter term debts, paying off a mortgage earlier than anticipated and thus reaping the rewards or reducing the size of repayments on an existing mortgage.


Re-mortgage with Cognis Capital Partners

At Cognis Capital Partners, we have considerable experience in dealing with customers looking to re-mortgage properties for a wide variety of reasons. This experience places us in the ideal position to secure the best re-mortgaging options based on your specific needs. We have access to over 11,000 mortgages from over 90 lenders, so can locate exclusive deals that are otherwise unavailable on the high street or online. Our expert advisers will provide you with impartial advice on whether re-mortgaging is the best finance option for you based on your specific requirements and circumstances.

Regardless of your position as a property owner and your goals in re-mortgaging your property, you will feel assured in the knowledge that Cognis Capital Partners will be able to manage your re-mortgage with confidence, providing you with the very best deal.


Benefits of Re-Mortgaging

There are a number of benefits in re-mortgaging. You can re-mortgage your property in order to secure a better rate than your current deal which in turn can save you money each month. When re-mortgaging you can also benefit from reducing your overall term which can sometimes save you thousands of pounds over the course of your mortgage. If there is enough equity in your property, you can also re-mortgage your property to release some of this and use the surplus money for home improvements or consolidating debts. There may be other personal reasons to release some of the equity locked up in your property. Releasing the equity by re-mortgaging can cost you less per month, then taking out shorter term unsecured loans. This can be very useful when trying to budget on a day to day basis.